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Digital Marketing Strategies Executed With Military Precision

Hello there! I’m Dave.

I’m a US Navy Veteran,  business marketing consultant and project manager with an elite network of pros at my fingertips.

I work with niche businesses to maximize their digital lead acquisition. Whether it’s building a marketing strategy from scratch or improving your current sales pipeline, we’ll bring fresh ideas to the table and deliver results to exceed your growth plans.

Can I guess what you want?

If you had a magic wand for your business, I bet you would use it to create a lead generation system that nearly brings in more new customers and clients than your sales team could handle. Beyond that, you would have it fully automated and repeatable every month forever.

This system would bring you the profit needed to take on that expansion, go after those bigger accounts, and grow your team to service more clients.

Am I close? If so, keep reading.

How do I deliver that?

Over many years, I’ve sought out and found the absolute best digital marketers in every category. They each own their own successful businesses performing one subset of digital marketing (website developers, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email automation, etc.)

After learning your business and identifying your needs, I handpick experts from my network to build a dream team of marketing pros based on who will provide the best results for your specific campaign requirements. (Like fantasy football, but cooler and with way more ROI.)

Then, I lead them to collaborate and work as a team, where everyone’s expertise benefits the team dynamic.

That’s my secret sauce. ☝️

We unofficially refer to ourselves as the “Avengers of Marketing” or the “A-Team” (mainly because it makes us sound awesome, and “unofficially” because we’re afraid of being sued).

My approach to marketing is COMPLETELY different than what you’re used to.

Before I discovered my passion for marketing, I was an Intelligence Analyst for the National Security Agency as part of an elite team of highly skilled specialists.

Our team building secret was simple: Rather than bringing in people with broad ranges of experience, we built teams of true experts who each specialized in 1 area of expertise. As a result, our range of capabilities was huge, but we still retained true expertise in each and every thing we did.

Using this strategy, we became the go-to team in our field.

Now, I’ve applied this methodology to marketing to create one of the best growth strategies available to your business. If you’ve ever worked with a traditional digital marketing company, you’ll definitely feel the difference when you work with my teams. 

Want to know how to get the A-Team of Marketing working for your business? Watch this: 



I personally take a deep dive into your company to learn what makes you tick. I want the whole story: what makes you successful, why you’re different, and what you want to accomplish. I want to see your core product or service offerings in action and understand your current sales pipeline.


Deep buyer psychology drives every bit of what I do. By completing in depth client profiles, we lift the hood on their wants, pains, and language as it pertains to your core offers. This is essential to making sure your campaign targets the right people in the right places at the right time.


We identify what is and what isn’t currently working in your marketing and sales process. We study your industry and your competitors to bring fresh ideas to the table. Each specialist performs in depth research related to their field. Then, we collaborate as a team to perfect every aspect of the plan.


I manage everything on your behalf from start to finish ensuring budget, deadlines, and quality through every step.  You focus on running your business, I’ll make sure things are executed on time and with the highest quality possible.. No headaches, no hassle.


We start collecting data the second your campaign goes live. We’ll test different methods to see what works best and we let the data drive our decisions. When we have proven a winning formula, we’ll scale it up. We’ll adjust things as needed to ensure that your campaign is always moving forward, always improving.

Why Choose Us?




I only bring in top-tier experts that are focused in a zone of genius (which means they live and breathe their area of expertise). Each team member is at the top of their game and is among the best in their industry.

I take the headache out of hiring professionals. Don’t worry about contracting them, paying them separately, dealing with the rest of their paperwork, day to day management or anything else. That’s what I’m here for.

You want the A-Team for your business? This is how you get it.

Does this sound like it could be for you? Let’s talk about it.

No pressure, no sales tactics. Let’s just have a conversation to see if we’re a fit.

What Others Are Saying

Hello Dave,

Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are that we moved our two (yes two) websites to you and your colleagues. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team. The communication, reaction time and follow up is top notch.

I have to admit, I was a little worried about such a big job when we knew we had to move but your team helped relieve all stress surrounding the move.

We have received so many compliments on the site re-design and ease of use. Whenever we want something changed or enhanced, our request is quickly evaluated, explained and implemented. The best and most unexpected thing that happened is your recommendation on adding the Contact Us feature. We have received so many emails, I had to delegate them to a designated person to answer and forward to the correct departments.

Thank you for everything you have done for Liberty and Zing Title. We appreciate all of you! Liberty and Zing Title

“I trusted Dave to bring my flooring business into the digital world and he nailed it. Our cost per lead went way down and our bottom line showed it. Because he automated it, I was able to take a backseat in the day to day business and focus more on my side hustle of guide fishing. I sat down with Dave to discuss some options and he showed me how to use social media to build an audience. He ran promotional events to boost our reach and my schedule filled right up. I’m booked out months in advance and have an abundance of clients waiting to work with me.

There aren’t many marketing companies out there anymore that can deliver on what they say. Dave’s team is the exception. Rich Edlin

Owner, Complete Carpet Care

“Simplex360 provided us with a cost efficient and local solution, but more than that they provided the personal service that makes a difference in this day of non-stop movement. I would recommend them for your next project without a doubt.” Bill Sasko

Director of Support Services, Penn Station

I happened upon a flyer from Dave at Simplex360 and decided I would give him a try. So glad I did! Since then I have never even thought of using anyone else.

Oh my goodness, this guy is AWESOME! I don’t believe there is a situation he can’t figure out and solve. He is so knowledgeable and has proven himself to be honest, trustworthy and fair.” Debbie Newman

Real Estate Unlimited

“We work with Simplex360 because they understand what our clients need. Their communication is consistent and clear which is important when balancing multiple projects at once. Our customers love the end product and we appreciate the flexibility, creativity and dedication to each project.” Wayne Stanley

Owner, Bowe Digital

“Pricing is always consistent, and they are very easy to reach. Their team is always professional and the work is of the highest quality.” Loan Processing Center

Meet Dave

David Conway

David Conway

Marketing Business Consultant and Project Manager

“I earned my stripes in project management at the National Security Agency while working in a high-pressure intelligence environment. I was molded by that experience where mistakes meant lives lost and attention to detail was critical. Teamwork was pivotal to success, and I learned the importance of a proper team dynamic and the power that exists when real teamwork is achieved.

Even though what we’re doing here is hardly life and death, I bring that same passion to my work today. As a result, everything I touch is executed with military precision.

I’m on this journey through life with my wife Becky and my 2 beautiful kids, Kaleb and Skylar.”